Monday, February 18, 2013


My railroad personages—Commodore, Mouse, Disco Bob, Dead Man Walking, the Champ, Honest Jack, Mr. Ed, Snuffy, The Corkettes, Iron Head—seen 150 years prior on the streets of NYC by the Good Gray Poet Walt Whitman:

"Yes, I knew all the drivers then, Broadway Jack, Dressmaker, Balky Bill, George Storms, Old Elephant, his brother Young Elephant (who came afterward,) Tippy, Pop Rice, Big Frank, Yellow Joe, Pete Callahan, Patsy Dee, and dozens more; for there were hundreds. They had immense qualities, largely animal—eating, drinking, women . . . "


  1. No Neck, Total Laus, Teen Angel, Never Sweat, Spuds (a cute story goes with that one), Lead Head Ed, Admiral Hulsey, Thumper, TouchDown and many more. You forgot to mention a conductor who worked between your place and mine, Suitcase Simpson.

  2. And how could I forget Psycho Ward.