Sunday, February 10, 2013

Linoleum Triptych

Bruce Conner • 1964


  1. Now that I have a blogger account, I suppose I am obligated to decorate it with content. As it happens, I created this blog primarily for an identity with which to comment on the blogs of creative sites I enjoy. Most likely, it will become a slightly more carefully curated version of my FB page.

  2. So, will being the first to comment on your blog gain me some much needed fame? Or a least a gift certificate at Home Depot?

    1. Brother, you are already notorious. What would you do with ordinary fame?'

      You win shots of the good whiskey, or an expertly mixed cocktail, but you have to come to Berkeley to claim your prize.

    2. Ain't no mountain high enough . . . Ain't no river deep enough . . . to keep a switchman away from free booze